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Forwards Pts Leaders
Owensboro Rampage
 Garrett Baker33
 George Triplett28
 Trevor Biddle16
 Caine Burke13
 Beau Cattoor11
Oldham County
 Colin Mazzella29
 Ian Gifford20
 Carson Moylan17
 Tiago Ramirez14
 Zach Budd9
Saint Xavier Tigers
 Max Furlan6
 Alex Chester2
 Wesley Dosch2
 Blythe Dahlem1
 Alec Stacy1
Trinity Shamrocks
 Ben Skaggs15
 Christopher Kolibab11
 Jack Chauvin10
 Don Mitchell7
 Nicholas Boyce5
Evansville Thunder
 John Collier16
 Camron Cotton16
 Brenson Brown10
 Cameron Masterson10
 Tanner Lewis5
Northern Kentucky Norse
 Joshua Roesel22
 Evan Ogilvie13
 Ryan Huesman12
 John Hooper11
 Cameron Webb11
Lexintgon Bandits
 Nolan Doss15
 Jake Fenwick4
 Jackson Miller3
 Cole Kocyba3
 Alex Violette3
 Troy Clements5
 Noah Keckler5
 Jonathan Farrow5
 Nathan Noe3
 Andy Millett2


Defense Pts Leaders
Owensboro Rampage
 Grayson McFarland14
 Nathaniel Cox6
 Wesley Bowlds6
 Jackson Lindsey5
 Griffin Payne2
Oldham County
 Seth Aridano11
 Cameron Crombie11
 Jonah Rodell10
 Ian Haney4
 Ethan Howay2
Saint Xavier Tigers
 Justin Mikulec1
 Luke Meredith 1
 Andrew Turner0
 Matt Schoettmer0
Trinity Shamrocks
 Parker Norman8
 Zach Cunanan6
 Mitchell Meyer4
 Cole Boyce2
 Jesse Allgeier2
Evansville Thunder
 Ben Dugans3
 Logan Beaven2
 Kole Johnson2
 Harrsion Payne0
 Dylan Lykins0
Northern Kentucky Norse
 Kyle Taylor8
 Jacob Detweiler6
 Trey Kincaid5
 Benjamin Glavan5
 Samuel Poulos5
Lexintgon Bandits
 Will McVoy1
 Philip Maxfield1
 Daniel Vetter1
 Royce Gruninger1
 AJ Russell0
 Evan Kopytek1
 Claire Metel1
 Isaiah Martin1


League Info: How We Operate

THE Kentucky High School Hockey League (KHSHL) Inc. operates as follows:
SCHEDULE--Each of the 9 teams plays the other 8 home and home for a 16 game schedule. 

ADMINISTRATION --The KHSHL has its own consitution and by laws.  They are designed to follow the KHSAA as much as practical and possible, and the KHSHL adopts a policy that unless specified otherwise, if no clear policy to the contrary is in place,  the KHSAA guidelines will be followed.
The KHSHL is made up of a Board of Directors.  Each team appoints one (1) voting member to the Board.  Policy decisions are made with a simple majority vote.  These Members are appointed on a yearly basis by the individual teams.
In addition, there is a three (3) member, non-voting Executive Board, comprised of a President/Commissioner, a Vice-President/Assistant Commissioner, and a Secretary who work at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.

CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE--All players, coaches, team managers and administrative officials are required to sign a KHSHL CODE OF CONDUCT in order to be permitted to play in the KHSHL.  This document is regarded with great importance and is considered a cornerstone of the operations of the KHSHL.
This code is a stated commitment to high standards of conduct, sportsmanship and deportment at all times in all events associated with the KHSHL.  A Disciplinary Board is comprised of four (4) board members, the Coordinator of Officials, and the Assistant Commissioner who serves as the Chairman.  This group is assigned the task of making sure the Code of Conduct is adhered to and to make suggestions to the Commissioner's office regarding any disciplinary action.  The Commissioner does not vote on these recommendations but serves as a facilitator to the Disciplinary Committee in trying to reach its decisions, and may insist that a decision be reviewed for a possible modification.  In any instance where the Commissioner and the Disciplinary Board cannot reach agreement, the decision of the Disciplinary Board takes precedent.  
If a disciplinary matter is appealed, that appeal goes to the entire Board for a vote. 

COMMISSIONER'S DUTIES--The Commissioner is called on to interpret the rules and bylaws and to make decisions that are deemed most fair and consistent with these rules.  When the KHSHL rules are not specifically different from the KHSAA rules, the Commissioner tries to apply the KHSAA rules as fairly and  suitably as possible.
 CLASSIFICATION OF TEAMS--One instance, though far from the only instance, where KHSHL rules are unique and different from the KHSAA is in classification of teams.  The KHSHL is comprised of two types of teams--"intact" teams and "metro" teams.  If a school has at least 11 players eligible to play between the grades of 8 and 12,  that team shall compete as  an intact team with ONLY players from that school. (Some schools are designated FEEDER SCHOOLS for the high schools and count toward the intact total.)
If there are not enough players from one school, they are combined in the following manner.  After deternining how many teams can be rostered out of EACH of the four regions (Jefferson County, Lexington, Owensboro,Oldham County) the schools that have the highest number make up the "core" and the REMAINING players are distributed equally both in number and approximate ability. (As an example,  Lexington has enough for only one Metro team (Lafayette.)  Lousiville  has enough for two teams...the highest numbers come from South Oldham and Eastern.  ALL the Eastern  players play for the team called "Eastern" and all the South Oldham players play for "South Oldham".  The REMAINING Louisville area students that do NOT attend either of the "intact" teams' schools (St. Xavier and Trinity) are divided as equally as possible in terms of numbers and abilities between Eastern and South Oldham.  No two players in this assigned group who attend the same high school may play for different Metro teams, and players who begin their career with a certain Metro team are "grandfathered" in to play again for that team the following year unless THEIR school begins its own intact team or forms the core for a new and different Metro team.)

For 2011-12 the following teams were the INTACT teams:

Henry Clay, St. Xavier, Trinity, Dunbar

The following were the Metro teams:

South Oldham, Owensboro,  Lafayette, and Eastern

It is the stated goal of the KHSHL to increase as much as possible the number of intact schools participating.
These rules were designed to make recruiting for specific Metro schools impossible, to make it so players from the same school will not be playing against each other, to create a structured and reasoned way to assign players, and in the case of "grandfathering" players when possible, to allow Metro players, as much as possible to enjoy a "career" with one team and with the same teammates, such as any high school athlete enjoys.
(All players in the KHSHL are required to attend school in Kentucky in order to be able to play in the KHSHL.)


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